We give new meaning To The Term "Go Green"

For years, the industry prioritized profit over progress, leaving customers and the environment behind. But we saw a different path. Pinnacle Back™ isn’t just turf, it’s a revolution.

Crafted with 100% recyclable materials and proprietary drainage tech that outperforms the competition by 3x, Pinnacle Back™ is the sustainable future you deserve.

Made in the USA, by people who care, Pinnacle Back™ prioritizes both performance and the planet.

It’s time to ditch the status quo – choose the next generation of turf.

Choose Tailor Made Grass.

Pinnacle Back™ Turf Recyclability

Turf is cut into smaller strips upon arrival at the recycling center.

 Turf is then processed into finer particles and heated to melting point and extruded.

 Final product: pellets that will be used to make other plastic products

Drainage Rates - Over 1000+/- inches per hr.

Our exclusive Pinnacle Back ™ is designed to drain faster than traditional polyurethane backed turf. With drainage rates of 1000 inches per hour, no perforations are needed to achieve this!

Quality Crafted In The U.S.A

 Our entire team shares our vision of prioritizing the planet without sacrificing performance. We are proud to take meticulous care in crafting our products with 100% recyclable materials.

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"Going Green" For A Sustainable Future

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